Jun 27th 2016

KYC Utilities: No Longer Sitting on the Sidelines

Previously plagued by confusion in the market and slow-going momentum, the financial services industry is now at an inflection point for adoption of KYC utilities. The question no longer is whether to join a utility; it’s at what point you should join.

Apr 23rd 2016

The challenge of KYC in APAC: Why banks are rethinking their strategy as risks and cost mount

Effective KYC has always been a technical challenge for financial institutions doing business in the diverse region that is Asia Pacific. Yet new research by Regulation Asia and Markit reveals the impact of Asia Pacific’s KYC challenge now runs even deeper – it is prompting a majority of market participants to not only rethink internal processes and infrastructure, but also to consider the very direction of their APAC business.

Feb 11rd 2016

KYC utilities embrace standardisation

Know your customer (KYC) utilities are addressing the challenge of divergent regulatory standards while the legal entity identifier (LEI) initiative could further shake-up the compliance industry – for the better.

Nov 08rd 2015

Delivering a return on KYC: more than meets the bottom line

The cost of compliance continues to be one of the hot issues in financial services. Year on year spend seems to increase but the question still remains – are the investments delivering a return and improving compliance? The short answer, not yet.

Oct 20rd 2015

Connected due diligence

Industry experts from Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Venn Partners and kyc.com discuss connected due diligence processes across the regulatory and compliance ecosystem.

Sep 30rd 2015

KYC: getting the green light to transact

Banks, buysides and corporates are all squaring up to the demands of KYC. One thing they all have in common is the tussle between gathering accurate information and trade execution.

Sep 14rd 2015

Simplifying KYC in short order

KYC processes aren’t a competitive differentiator but they are critical processes. Only when firms have centralised the process, coalesced the data and met the necessary requirements can they be ready to transact.

Aug 04rd 2015

KYC: Main challenges to being ready to transact

KYC compliance is essential if firms are to be ready to transact with their counterparts. Experts from HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Venn Partners and kyc.com discuss the main challenges firms face.

Jul 15rd 2015

Streamlining KYC processes

KYC industry experts from HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Venn Partners and kyc.com discuss streamlining KYC processes. Where is the best place to start?