Centralised Service for Connected Due Diligence Processes

KYC Services (KYC.com) is an industry led initiative to standardise processes and centralise operations.

The platform delivers:

  • Standardisation of policies, processes and platforms
  • Reuse of golden data records and documents
  • Reduction of client touchpoints through integration of related functions
  • Cost effective use of human capital
  • Complete and accurate data capture at source

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Nine G14 dealers, including BNP Paribas, Citi, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Morgan Stanley and UBS

1,300 buyside and corporates registered

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The Markit | Genpact offering creates a multitude of efficiencies in KYC due diligence processes."
Daniel Haid, Head of Client Onboarding and Account Maintenance, UBS

The service will enable us to be more efficient, go to market with clients faster, and benefit from greater confidence in the information we use for compliance."
David Burnett, Chief Operating Officer, Global Banking and Markets, HSBC

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Product Summary

KYC.com provides a consolidated view of overlapping data points for KYC, Financial Regulation, Tax and Counterparties. Using an industry led policy standard for KYC data quality and completeness, firms using kyc.com can mutualise costs.

By providing information once to the utility, they can significantly reduce time to market and advance client onboarding readiness with digitisation and quality at source.

    Key Benefits

    • Standardisation

      Create standardised policies and workflows for client onboarding and reduce the number of client touchpoints

    • Mutualisation

      A single managed service to mutualise costs

    • Reuse

      Reduce TCO of relationships by reusing information to inform multiple interactions

    • Coverage

      Managed client outreach and due diligence across client types, jurisdictions and asset classes

    • Compliance

      Demonstrate data lineage to regulators and create golden copies

    Industry Insight

    From a muddled KYC process to shared utility services model

    HSBC’s Head of KYC services Gary McClure and Rampi Kandadai, Head of Financial Markets Solutions at Genpact
    talk about total disruption of the client onboarding space.

    Streamlining KYC processes

    KYC processes can be much smarter, so where is the best place to start? Experts from HSBC, Deutsche Bank,
    Venn Partners and kyc.com share some ideas.

    KYC: Getting the green light to transact

    Banks, buysides and corporates are all squaring up to the demands of KYC. One thing they all have in common is the tussle between gathering accurate information and trade execution.


    Simplifying KYC in short order

    KYC processes aren’t a competitive differentiator but they are critical processes. Only when firms have centralised the process, coalesced the data and met the necessary requirements can they be ready to transact.


    APAC’s regulatory rally cry for compliance

    One of the key KYC challenges in Asia is regional variation. Hong Kong regulators are taking the lead says kyc.com’s
    CEO Jon May.


    KYC: Meeting regulations while managing costs

    On May 7 2015, Markit held a webcast with FinanceAsia and UBS to discuss how the industry is evolving to help
    firms meet KYC requirement in a cost effective way.


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    • Aug 11 2015

      Asset managers choose Markit to support fund launches

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      Six G14 dealers implementing Markit | Genpact KYC Services

    • Nov 11 2014

      Markit | Genpact KYC Services registers 600+ firms and appoints CEO

    • May 22 2014

      Markit and Genpact Launch KYC Services